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From Aerospace and Defense to Air Transport, MRO and Business Aviation, take a look at the full list of upcoming webinars below.



Do Or Die: Why 2023 Will Be Pivotal For AAM Startups

Date: Wednesday Feb. 15, 2023


Time: 07:00 PST | 10:00 EST | 15:00 GMT | 16:00 CET 


An Aviation Week webinar aiming to take a critical eye to the
current crop of AAM startups and examine what needs to happen to bridge the gap to certification.


An expert panel will discuss:


How AAM OEMs can establish realistic production processes;


Whether the current batch of startups will have enough funding to survive through to certification;


Which companies are best-positioned to actually develop a production-conforming aircraft–and which are most likely to fizzle out.





Ben Goldstein, AAM Report Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Week




Graham Warwick, Senior Technology Editor, Aviation Week


Sergio Cecutta, Founder and Partner, SMG Consulting


Mark Moore, CEO, Whisper Aero


Sponsored by: Siemens


Airlines' Path To Carbon Net Zero

Date: 2023 TBC


An ATW/Aviation Week webinar focused on sustainability, the new ICAO 2050 carbon net zero goal and how that will drive airline sustainability targets.


An expert panel will discuss:


How sustainable aviation fuel can be made more available


The national/government initiatives worldwide that support aviation sustainability and the mandates and taxes that could make it more challenging


Airline initiatives, as a company and as a collaborative with airlines/industry partners, that will best expedite technologies and investments in making aviation more sustainable


The sustainability priorities for 2023 that will move the industry forward on the 2050 goal



Karen Walker, ATW and Air Transport Editor-In-Chief, Aviation Week Network



Sustainability experts from major global airlines and air transport organizations.



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