Volare Outlines Operating Concept For Lilium Jet

By Angus Batey Sep 25, 2023

The launch customer for the Pioneer Edition of the Lilium Jet has already sold an undisclosed number of its initial batch of 10 aircraft.

Advanced Air Mobility

Aciturri Begins Lilium Jet Fuselage Assembly

By Graham Warwick Sep 19, 2023

The milestone follows completion of an industrial program review by Lilium and Aciturri in late August.

Advanced Air Mobility

Heart Picks Honeywell Fly-By-Wire For ES-30 Electric Regional

By Graham Warwick Sep 11, 2023

Heart Aerospace's ES-30 electric regional aircraft is the first Part 25 transport-category application for Honeywell’s paperback-sized flight control computer.

Aircraft & Propulsion


By Ben Goldstein Sep 08, 2023

When Daniel Schubeler began working on electric ducted fans in 1997, the technology was in a nascent stage.

Emerging Technologies

Bristow Lands Early Delivery Slots From Elroy Air

By Ben Goldstein Sep 05, 2023

Bristow Group has secured early delivery slots for five of U.S. startup Elroy Air’s Chaparral hybrid-electric VTOL cargo aircraft.

Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Stock Composite Charts Higher Than S&P On Market Rebound

By Ben Goldstein Sep 05, 2023

The AAM Stock Composite followed equity markets higher during the week ending Sept. 1, rallying 6.5% compared to a 1.8% rise in the S&P 500.

Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Stocks Mostly Flat Last Week

By Ben Goldstein Aug 29, 2023

The AAM Stock Composite ticked up 0.9% during the week ending Aug. 25, compared to a 1.5% rise in the S&P 500.

Advanced Air Mobility

Market Selloff Drags Down AAM Stock Composite

By Ben Goldstein Aug 21, 2023

The AAM Stock Composite slid by around 12% during the week ended Aug. 18, dragged down by generally weak trading across equity markets.

Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Stocks Drift Lower

By Ben Goldstein Aug 14, 2023

The AAM Stock Composite slid by around 4% in the week ending Aug. 11.

Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Manufacturing Sets Path For Next Generation Of Commercial Aircraft

By Graham Warwick Aug 10, 2023

Tier 1 aerospace suppliers see the AAM industry as a way to bridge the business and technology gaps to the next single-aisle airliner.

Advanced Air Mobility

Daily Memo: eVTOL Operators Face Long Road To Profitability

By Ben Goldstein Aug 09, 2023

Many investors bought into electric air-taxi companies in 2021 hoping to find the next Tesla, but instead they may be stuck with the next Uber.

Advanced Air Mobility

Amprius Launches Silicon-Anode Battery For eVTOL

By Graham Warwick Aug 04, 2023

The Amprius battery cell has a power density of 400 Wh/kg at a C/5 discharge rate typical of electric vehicles.

Advanced Air Mobility

Lilium’s Phoenix Demonstrator Flights Prepare Ground For New Platforms

By Jens Flottau Aug 01, 2023

The company has been testing a subscale demonstrator for its Lilium Jet for more than a year and is nearing buildup of an aircraft for certification flight tests.

Advanced Air Mobility

EHang Share Gains Drive AAM Composite 5% Higher

By Ben Goldstein Jul 17, 2023

The AAM Stock Composite charted higher by 5.1% during the week ending July 14, boosted by gains in Chinese air taxi startup EHang.

Advanced Air Mobility

Lilium To Raise Up To $192 Million Through Upsized Financing Package

By Ben Goldstein Jul 14, 2023

That new funding was widely expected.

Advanced Air Mobility

EHang Partners With Shenzhen Bao’an District On UAM Services

By Ben Goldstein Jul 13, 2023

The partnership will see EHang launch air taxi tourism and sightseeing services with the autonomous, two-passenger EH216-S multicopter.

Advanced Air Mobility

AAM CEO Spotlight: Lilium's Klaus Roewe

By Ben Goldstein Jul 13, 2023

Lilium CEO Klaus Roewe spoke with the AAM Report on the sidelines of the 2023 Paris Airshow to talk about Lilium's recent string of positive developments.

Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Stocks Cool Off After July 4 Rally

By Ben Goldstein Jul 10, 2023

The rally in advanced air mobility stocks has been ongoing since early May.

Advanced Air Mobility

Joby And Lilium Progress Toward Certification, Production Milestones

By Ben Goldstein Jul 06, 2023

Joby Aviation and Lilium have both marked new progress toward meeting key goals on their paths to type certification and commercialization.

Advanced Air Mobility

AAM Stock Composite Snaps Rally With 8% Decline

By Ben Goldstein Jun 26, 2023

The AAM Stock Composite declined 8% during the week ending June 23.

Advanced Air Mobility

FAA Accepts Lilium's Application For G-1 Certification Basis

By Ben Goldstein Jun 26, 2023

The FAA has approved the certification basis for Lilium’s electric air taxi.

Advanced Air Mobility

Lilium CEO Says ‘The Skeptics Have Turned Silent’

By Ben Goldstein Jun 21, 2023

CEO Klaus Roewe is “not worried at all” about the company’s ability to achieve type certification by 2025.

Paris Air Show

Memo: China Wants To Own Its AAM Market

By Graham Warwick Jun 20, 2023

With eyes on the market inside and outside the country, Chinese eVTOL-makers are claiming low costs that could spell a challenge for their Western competitors.

Paris Air Show

Lilium Unveils Partnerships To Launch eVTOL Service In China

By Ben Goldstein Jun 19, 2023

Lilium has announced a pair of new partnerships aimed at establishing a presence in China.

Paris Air Show

AAM Stock Composite Trades Up 2% On Market Rebound

By Ben Goldstein Jun 06, 2023

The Advanced Air Mobility Stock Composite rose alongside major U.S. stock indexes during the four-day trading week ending June 2.

Advanced Air Mobility