Podcast: Can Aviation Suppliers Catch Up?
Listen in as business editor Michael Bruno and analysts Richard Aboulafia and Rob Epstein discuss aerospace's big problem.
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GKN Invests In Gripen Engine Maintenance Facilities
The investment will support maintenance of the General Electric F414 engines that equip Sweden’s new Gripen E fighters and older F404 engines on its Gripen C/D.
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Vega And Ariane 6 Woes Drive European Space Launch Crisis

By Thierry Dubois Jan 30, 2023
ESA member states scramble to protect independent access to space.

Lockheed Invests In Robotic Sheet Metal Forming Startup

By Garrett Reim Jan 27, 2023
Lockheed Martin Ventures has invested an undisclosed amount in Machina Labs, a robotic sheet metal forming startup.
Supply Chain

Raytheon Consolidates Defense Divisions, Seeks Better Profitability

By Michael Bruno Jan 24, 2023
Raytheon Technologies will merge its two defense divisions under the Raytheon brand.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Opinion: Why Airbus Needs To Update Its Supply Chain Model

By Kevin Michaels Jan 24, 2023
The OEM needs to “think globally and produce locally” and modernize its supply chain model in North America.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Podcast: The F-35 Under Pressure

Michael Cisek Jan 20, 2023
The U.S. has a deal for three more years of F-35 production but will face continued challenges with international sales and technical upgrades.
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Podcast: Will M&A Heat Up in 2023?

Jan 06, 2023
Dealmaking slowed down in the second half of 2022, but the year ended with a bang.

Japan Nurtures A New Space Industry

By Garrett Reim Jan 06, 2023
Dense Tokyo is at the epicenter of the country’s space startups.
Commercial Space

Opinion: The F-35 Is At The Center Of Hard And Soft Power

Michael Cisek Jan 05, 2023
How the U.S. fighter jet is underpinning the nation’s aerospace industry.
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GA-ASI, Bharat Forge India Unveil UAV Aerostructures Deal

By Michael Bruno Jan 04, 2023
Part of the Kalyani Group, Bharat Forge claims a leading position as a large metallurgical design and engineering expertise shop in India.
Supply Chain

Industry Looks To Surge Munitions Production Beyond Arming Ukraine

By Brian Everstine Dec 21, 2022
The massive demand for weapons for Ukraine has caused the Pentagon and industry to reevaluate supply chains and procurement planning.
Supply Chain

10 Space Technologies To Watch In 2023

By Garrett Reim Dec 21, 2022
Demonstrations are growing more diverse as the industry matures and new players seek to change the space industry.
Commercial Space

Autonomous Resupply Moves Into U.S. Military Mainstream

By Steve Trimble Dec 21, 2022
A decade after U.S. Marine Corps experiments in Afghanistan, the Defense Department is ramping up development of cargo-carrying UAS.
Aircraft & Propulsion

GKN Composites Supplier Velocity Builds Up In Alabama

By Michael Bruno Dec 20, 2022
Site approvals and first-article tests will be completed by the end of February 2023.
Advanced Air Mobility

Opinion: The Sound Of U.S. National Defense

By Steven Grundman Dec 16, 2022
At the end of a year filled with profound challenges to the U.S. defense posture, the music of its national defense is surprisingly upbeat.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Poland’s PGZ Looks To Join South Korea’s KF-21 Program

By Kim Minseok Dec 13, 2022
The Polish military prime is hoping to participate in the KAI KF-21 fighter program which could see development of a new variant.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Collins Opens Massive Indian Engineering, Operations Centers

By Chen Chuanren Dec 08, 2022
Over the next five years Collins plans to spend $200 million on building up its engineering and manufacturing capabilities in India.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Pentagon Works To Smooth Supply Chains For Weapons Ukraine Needs

By Brian Everstine Dec 05, 2022
The U.S. Defense Department is working with the contractors who are building critical munitions for Ukraine to find sticking points in their supply chains.
Supply Chain

Why The Defense Spending Supercycle May Not Feel Super

By Michael Bruno Dec 02, 2022
Yes, you are in a strong defense spending economy. Whether it will ever feel like one is a different question.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Pentagon Creates Office To Connect Contractors With Private Capital

By Brian Everstine Dec 01, 2022
The new Office of Strategic Capital aims to help with the development of key technologies with new connections to funding.
Budget, Policy & Operations

FCAS Deadlock Cleared, Dassault’s Trappier Says

By Tony Osborne Dec 01, 2022
But just days later Trappier appeared on French radio to say that the German-Spanish announcements had been premature.
Supply Chain

UK Wedgetail Delivery Slowed By Pandemic Supply Chain Issues

By Tony Osborne Nov 30, 2022
First delivery of the Boeing E-7 Wedgetail airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft to the RAF has been pushed back 12 months.
Supply Chain

Opinion: How To Expand Capacity Of The U.S. Defense Industrial Base

Raanan Horowitz Nov 30, 2022
The nation can employ contracting tools, competition, creative policies and allied technologies to meet increased demands.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Brazilian Groups Sue Boeing Over Alleged Aerospace Hiring Spree

By Steve Trimble Nov 25, 2022
Boeing’s “systemic capture and hiring” of engineers now threatens the viability of parts of Brazil’s defense industrial base, says the Association of Aerospace Industries of Brazil (AIAB).
Budget, Policy & Operations