U.S. Air Force Tests New Tech To Thwart Drones In Middle East

By Brian Everstine Feb 03, 2023
U.S. troops in the Middle East turn to new tech and adapted missile defenses to help protect bases.
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Avalon To Showcase Post-AUKUS Australian Defense Push
A long-awaited international air show Down Under will highlight the impact of a strategic pivot by Australia since 2019.
audra.avizieni… Thu, 02/02/2023 - 09:00
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Bell Unveils Military Special Mission Mod Kit Program

By Guy Norris Feb 01, 2023
Bell Textron is developing military modification kits for its commercial helicopters, targeting nations with urgent security needs but limited defense budgets.
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CBO Proposes Cheaper Alternative To Hypersonic Glide Vehicles

By Steve Trimble Jan 31, 2023
A program to develop, field and sustain 300 ballistic missiles with maneuverable reentry vehicles over a 20-year period would cost $13.4 million, CBO says.
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France, Italy Buying Nearly 700 Aster Missiles

By Tony Osborne Jan 31, 2023
France and Italy are jointly purchasing nearly 700 Aster surface-to-air missiles.
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U.S. Seeks To Align South Korea/Japan Missile Warning Pact
Defense against both North Korean and potentially Chinese ballistic missiles are among Seoul and Tokyo’s top defense priorities.
guy.ferneyhoug… Tue, 01/31/2023 - 15:38
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DARPA Completes Decade-Long HAWC Campaign With Fourth Test

By Steve Trimble Jan 30, 2023
The program should be considered the “most successful hypersonic air breathing flight test program in U.S. history,” DARPA says. 
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U.S. Army Plans To Ease Production Stress From Ukraine Surge
The U.S. Army in the next two months will award multiple large contracts to replenish its stocks of critical munitions that have been sent to Ukraine.
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Raytheon Consolidates Defense Divisions, Seeks Better Profitability

By Michael Bruno Jan 24, 2023
Raytheon Technologies will merge its two defense divisions under the Raytheon brand.
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DIU Opens New Track For Hypersonic Subsystems Testing

By Steve Trimble Jan 24, 2023
The solicitation comes four months after the DIU solicited for a modular payload that can be demonstrated at hypersonic speeds within 18 to 24 months.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Stratolaunch Partners With Purdue To Fast Track Hypersonics

By Guy Norris Jan 23, 2023
The agreement comes as research and development intensifies in the U.S. to catch up with hypersonic weapons developments by both China and Russia.
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Japan’s F-15 Upgrade Adds Strike Capability

By Bradley Perrett Jan 23, 2023
The Super Interceptor must confront masses of cruise missiles but also include a high-performance air-to-air missile.
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Latest Round Of Ukraine Aid Critical For Expected Spring Fight, U.S. Says

By Brian Everstine Jan 20, 2023
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley announced the latest tranche of military equipment for Ukraine.
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U.S. Bolsters Ukrainian Air Defense; Withholds Certain Munitions, Tanks

By Brian Everstine Jan 20, 2023
The U.S. will send up to $2.5 billion more in military aid for Ukraine.
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IAI Unveils Point Blank Man-Portable Loitering Munition

By Tony Osborne Jan 19, 2023
The Point Blank system was developed by IAI’s Elta business.
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Japan Studying Cruise Missile With Interchangeable Warhead

By Chen Chuanren Jan 18, 2023
Tokyo is developing a cruise missile with an interchangeable warhead.
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Japan Steps Up Defense Spending

By Chen Chuanren Jan 17, 2023
Threats from North Korean missiles, China and Russia drive new push in uncrewed aircraft and strike capabilities.
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USMC To Field Naval Strike Missile, Continuing Tomahawk Plans

By Brian Everstine Jan 12, 2023
The U.S. Marine Corps will field the Kongsberg/Raytheon Naval Strike Missile over the next two years.
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Wargame Predicts Massive U.S. Aerial Losses In Taiwan Invasion Scenario

By Chen Chuanren Jan 10, 2023
Despite as many as 640 aircraft losses for the U.S., Japan and Taiwan in one scenario, a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is more likely than not to fail, CSIS says.
Budget, Policy & Operations

SDA Solicits Ballistic, Hypersonic Missile Telemetry For NeXT Sats

By Garrett Reim Jan 09, 2023
The “Sabre” system would collect and relay telemetry data from U.S. missile test ranges.

Saab Development Pivots To Upgrades, Future Fighter

By Steve Trimble Jan 09, 2023
As development starts winding down, Saab’s Gripen E unit is focusing on improving the global fleet of C/D models and starting to consider what comes next.
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New Ukraine Aid Includes RIM-7 Missiles, Air-Launched Rockets

By Brian Everstine Jan 06, 2023
The newest tranche, announced Jan. 6, amounts to about $3.075 billion in new security assistance for Ukraine.
Missile Defense & Weapons

New Russian Frigate To Deploy With Hypersonic Missiles

By Steve Trimble Jan 06, 2023
The first embarkment of the NPO Mashinostroyenia 3M22 Zircon missile on the 4,500-ton Admiral Gorshkov ship comes a year later than scheduled.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Pentagon To Set Up OTA Consortia For Hypersonics, Space, Small UAS

By Michael Bruno Jan 05, 2023
The move stems from a defense industrial base study that the Biden administration reported out last year.
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Germany Pledges Patriot Battery To Ukraine

By Steve Trimble Jan 05, 2023
The announcement came in a joint press statement released following a call between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Joe Biden on Jan. 5. 
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