OCCAR Contracting Advances REACT Jammer Pod Research
The work eventually could lead to the development of a highly modular electronic attack pod for either escort or standoff jamming operations.
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Northrop Demos New Software-Defined Radio

By Brian Everstine Mar 23, 2023
The test of the Software Programmable Open Mission Systems Complaint radio terminal was developed under an Air Force Life Cycle Management Center contract.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Bombardier Mulls Future Role As Defense Prime

By Steve Trimble Mar 23, 2023
A prime contractor role in the defense market remains a distant but intriguing possibility for Canadian aircraft manufacturer.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

AFRL Revives ULTRA For 2025 Flight Demonstration

By Steve Trimble Mar 22, 2023
The fiscal 2024 budget request shows the Air Force wants to revive the flight demonstration program five years after testing an initial version of the aircraft.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Counter UAS Lasers In Focus In Japan

By Chen Chuanren Mar 17, 2023
KHI began research and development of its high energy laser in 2018 at the request of the Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

SPY-7 Capability Likely Unchanged When Fitted On Japanese Destroyers

By Chen Chuanren Mar 17, 2023
Japan is fitting the SPY-7 Aegis Ashore radar on to two destroyers after public concerns of SM-3 missile boosters falling over populated areas.
Missile Defense & Weapons

GCAP Partners Dive Deeper Into Electronics, Design Collaboration

By Chen Chuanren Mar 16, 2023
Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric, Leonardo UK and both Leonardo and Elettronica from Italy are collaborating on the Global Combat Air Program’s (GCAP) electronics.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Schiebel Advancing Development Of S-300 Rotary-Wing UAS

By Tony Osborne Mar 16, 2023
Austria's Schiebel is eying an anti-submarine warfare role for the S-300, its up-scaled S-100 Camcopter uncrewed air system (UAS).
Aircraft & Propulsion

Israeli Firms Sweep In To Fulfill Japan’s Uncrewed Requirements

By Chen Chuanren Mar 16, 2023
Elbit Systems and IAI both have significant presences at the DSEI Japan exhibition as they work to position themselves to meet Japan’s ambitions.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

SWISSto12 Launches U.S. Entity To 3D Print Radio Parts For Military

By Garrett Reim Mar 16, 2023
SWISSto12 has opened a U.S. subsidiary, St12 RF Solutions, to sell 3D printed radio frequency components to U.S. defense and commercial aerospace manufacturers.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

U.S. MQ-9A Crashes After Collision With Russian Su-27

By Steve Trimble Mar 14, 2023
The incident over the Black Sea comes after a string of unsafe encounters reported by U.S. and UK military aircraft since October. 
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

U.S. Army Ramps Up Spending On Key Airborne Surveillance Program

By Steve Trimble Mar 13, 2023
The Army eventually plans to buy its own jets to carry HADES, but will first deploy the payload on contractor-owned and operated business jet-class aircraft.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Future U.S. Homeland Defense Plan Relies On Autonomous Platforms

By Steve Trimble Mar 07, 2023
A top U.S commander did not provide details, but the category of long-loitering, uncrewed aircraft includes fixed-wing aircraft, solar gliders and balloons.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

NATO Could Follow Allies With New Airborne Early Warning Acquisition

By Tony Osborne Mar 03, 2023
NATO has received information on Boeing’s E-7, Northrop Grumman’s E-2 Hawkeye and Saab’s GlobalEye as it considers an interim AEW platform.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Pentagon’s Future Battlefield Networking Concept Is Getting Real

By Steve Trimble Mar 01, 2023
A decades-old concept for a ubiquitous battlefield network concept is starting to become reality.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Northrop Starts Testing Self-Funded, Multifunction AESA Radar

By Steve Trimble Feb 23, 2023
The Electronically-Scanned Multifunction Reconfigurable Integrated Sensor is being developed to perform the functions of a radar, jammer and data link.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

U.S. Navy To Award Boeing EA-18G Block II Contract

By Steve Trimble Feb 17, 2023
The planned sole-source contract will be a cost plus fixed fee delivery order, beginning with a 31-month-long Phase 1 of the spiral upgrade.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

U.S. Army Seeks Sensors For Spy Balloons, Solar Fixed Wing Aircraft

By Steve Trimble Feb 17, 2023
The market survey request comes out two weeks after USAF fighters shot down a Chinese high-altitude balloon with apparent surveillance systems aboard.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Biden Orders New Airspace Effort After Flying Object Shootdowns

By Steve Trimble Feb 17, 2023
The U.S. government will rewrite the rulebook for aerial objects flying over U.S. airspace, President Joe Biden said.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

BAE, Leonardo To Develop New Defensive Aid Suite For Aircraft

By Steve Trimble Feb 15, 2023
The U.S. government has approved BAE to integrate the AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System with Leonardo’s Miysis Directed Infrared Countermeasure system.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Schiebel Camcopter To Embark On UK Royal Navy Ships

By Tony Osborne Feb 14, 2023
The UK Royal Navy is set to operate Schiebel’s Camcopter rotary-wing uncrewed air system from its Type 23 frigates.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

The Weekly Debrief: Meet The Sierra Nevada P-9A Pale Ale Fleet

By Steve Trimble Feb 13, 2023
The first U.S. surveillance fleet with a craft beer as a namesake inherits a counter-drug spy mission flown by a four-decade-old string of modified turboprops.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Last Two Objects Shot Down Were Balloons, Sen. Schumer Says

By Steve Trimble Feb 12, 2023
Asked whether the objects shot down on Feb. 10 and Feb. 11 were balloons, Schumer replied, “They believe they were, yes."
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

Emerging Technologies Boost The High-Altitude Balloon Sector

By Garrett Reim Feb 10, 2023
Balloon industry says it can survey the Earth better than satellites and for less cost.
Aircraft & Propulsion

China’s Balloon Program Calls For Sensor, Radar Upgrades—Lawmakers

By Brian Everstine Feb 09, 2023
Key lawmakers are already calling for improvements to air surveillance to better detect high-altitude intrusions over the U.S.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare