Long-Parked CRJ200s Are Being Rejuvenated For Entirely New Roles
How repurposed regional jets, at bargain prices, are finding new life serving business aviation customers.
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Role Reversal

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Sounding Board: Five Minutes With Aoife O’Sullivan, Partner At The Air Law Firm And BBGA Chair
A corporate lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions, Aoife O’Sullivan found her calling when she joined a new firm, Gates and Partners.
natalia.pelayo… Thu, 02/02/2023 - 21:10
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(Don’t Be A) Lab Rat, Part 1
You might argue that being a lab rat is part of the price we in uniform had to pay. I’ve never signed up for lab rat status as a civilian pilot.
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Daher Deliveries, Orders Increase In 2022
Daher’s aircraft division delivered 73 Kodiak utility aircraft and TBM single-engine turboprops in 2022, up from 68 in 2021. 
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Satcom Direct Antenna Series Enters Service
SD said that 21 aircraft participating in the in-service evaluations of the Ku-band version of the system have transitioned to customer status.
natalia.pelayo… Wed, 02/01/2023 - 18:52
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Bell Unveils Military Special Mission Mod Kit Program

By Guy Norris Feb 01, 2023
Bell Textron is developing military modification kits for its commercial helicopters, targeting nations with urgent security needs but limited defense budgets.
Aircraft & Propulsion
Know Your Radome, An Important Structure, Part 3
The performance of an aircraft radome is characterized by multiple parameters.
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With Bizav ‘Under Attack’, The Time To Act Is Now, Leaders Say

By Molly McMillin Jan 31, 2023
Business aviation has come under assault around the world and industry leaders are raising alarms. 
Aircraft & Propulsion
Viewpoint: Do Business Travelers Need Executive Protection or Bodyguards?
You've carefully planned the trip and arrived safely. Now, do you need executive protection?
molly.mcmillin… Tue, 01/31/2023 - 21:06
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Harding Bush
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Checklist: Tips Before Taking Your Checkride

By Matthew Orloff Jan 31, 2023
Check rides will be a part of your ongoing aviation career, and it’s normal for them to be a source of anxiety. Here are good-sense tips to keep in mind.
Maintenance & Training

GKN To Supply Wiring For Lilium Jet eVTOL

By Graham Warwick Jan 31, 2023
With a 1-kilovolt, 2.5-megawatt electrical system, the Lilium Jet needs new wiring interconnection systems, which will be developed by GKN Aerospace.
Advanced Air Mobility
Know Your Radome, An Important Structure, Part 2
Not only does the trapped water compromise the structural integrity of a radome but it also affects the radar’s performance.
[email protected] Tue, 01/31/2023 - 11:00
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North Carolina’s Asheville Airport Breaks Ground On $55M ATC Tower

By Aaron Karp Jan 30, 2023
The project will be partially paid for via the U.S. infrastructure legislation passed by Congress in 2021.
Airports & Routes

Know Your Radome, An Important Structure, Part 1

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Jan 30, 2023
Aircraft radomes are precisely constructed to optimize radar system performance while protecting against environmental hazards.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

New Aviation Trade Association Launches In Washington D.C.

By Matthew Orloff Jan 27, 2023
The National Flight Training Association (NFTA), a new aviation trade association, launched in January from its Washington D.C. headquarters. 
Maintenance & Training

Cause & Circumstance: Below Minimums Hard Landing, Part 3

By Roger Cox Jan 27, 2023
What is commonly taught to professional pilots in flight simulator training is that if you do see one of the 10 elements listed in 91.175 (c)(3) you may continu
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Velocys Teams With Bechtel For SAF Plants

By Alan Dron Jan 27, 2023
The two companies have signed a master relationship agreement (MRA).
Aircraft & Propulsion

Diamond Signs Agreement For DA62 Assembly

By Molly McMillin Jan 27, 2023
Diamond Aircraft Canada has signed a lease agreement with Aeromot for the assembly of Diamond DA62 twin-engine light aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Jet It, JetClub Offer Program Where Passengers Are The Pilots

By Matthew Orloff Jan 26, 2023
Fractional ownership is not a new phenomenon in business aviation, however, acting as a crewmember under your own jet share is.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Sikorsky Eyes Commercial Future For X2 Co-Axial Helicopter Tech

By Garrett Reim Jan 26, 2023
Sikorsky is looking ahead to applying its X2 coaxial rigid-rotor compound helicopter technology to commercial aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Cause & Circumstance: Below Minimums Hard Landing, Part 2

By Roger Cox Jan 26, 2023
NTSB investigators did not travel to the scene of the hard landing at FRG. An FAA inspector from the Farmingdale FSDO responded.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Textron Aviation To Deliver Trainers To U.S. Navy Based On King Air 260

By Steve Trimble Jan 26, 2023
The contract signing confirms the Wichita-based manufacturer will replace the Navy’s T-44 fleet of aircraft.
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Proposed SMS Rule Presents Challenge For GA Operators

By Bill Carey Jan 26, 2023
NBAA seeks to extend the comment period for the FAA’s safety management system (SMS) proposed rule.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Leonardo Swaps Out AW09’s Honeywell Engine In Favor Of Safran

By Tony Osborne Jan 26, 2023
Leonardo has decided to ditch Honeywell’s HTS900 turboshaft for Safran’s Arriel 2K turbine for the AW09 single engine light helicopter. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus Helicopters Reports Increase In 2022 Orders, Deliveries

By Molly McMillin Jan 26, 2023
Full-year financial results will be released Feb. 16.
Aircraft & Propulsion