Interview: Pegasus Airlines CEO On Growth And Gender Diversity

By Kurt Hofmann Jan 27, 2023
Pegasus Airlines, an LCC, has become Turkey’s second-largest carrier and is in growth mode.
Airlines & Lessors

Viewpoint: Five Tactics To Help In Recruiting Women Into Aviation

René Banglesdorf Dec 12, 2022
As labor shortages beleaguer the industry, why is there a shortage of women in aviation?
Business Aviation

AAR Drives Forward On Workforce, Diversity Efforts

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 21, 2022
AAR is growing workforce training and diversity efforts through new funding and partnerships.
Workforce & Training

Mentorship Programs Helping Diversity In Aviation

Nov 10, 2022
Women in Aviation International Singapore members discuss the importance of mentorship programs in helping promote diversity in the aviation industry.
Business Aviation

Airports Must Adapt To Address Talent Shortage

By David Casey Nov 03, 2022
Speaking at GAD World, airport executives said the pandemic has created a gap in knowledge through the loss of experienced staff and a leakage of skilled labor
Airports & Networks

Fast 5: Enticing A Broader MRO Workforce

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Oct 13, 2022
Miranda Wales, maintenance mechanic at SkyWest Airlines, speaks with Aviation Week about how the industry could draw more interest from women and young people.
Workforce & Training

2022’s 20 Twenties: The New Faces of Aerospace and Defense

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Oct 13, 2022
Aviation Week Network recognizes 20 exceptional students leading change in the aerospace and defense industry.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Viewpoint: Flight School Dilemmas

Mike Sullivan Oct 10, 2022
While some flight schools have impressive graduation rates producing new pilots with sport and private certificates, many others are confronted with attrition t
Maintenance & Training

Air France Reboots Cadet Training; Looks To Hire More Cockpit Crew

By Helen Massy-Beresford Sep 28, 2022
The cadet-pilot program is open to candidates without any flight experience and is “designed to inspire professional vocations among candidates from all backgro
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The Culture War Eating The Aerospace Workforce

By Michael Bruno Sep 15, 2022
The industry is leaning on technology to handle pandemic recovery, but is that just further hollowing out the workforce?
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Delta Ramps Up Technical Workforce Pipeline Efforts

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 25, 2022
The airline recently restarted a youth pipeline program to grow a more inclusive technical workforce.
Workforce & Training

Aviation Nonprofit Launches Project To Evaluate, Improve Industry Diversity

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 07, 2022
A Canadian nonprofit focused on the gender gap in aviation has launched a government-funded project to help the industry better evaluate and improve equity, div
Workforce & Training

Podcast: Insights From NASA’s Former Deputy Director

By Jen DiMascio Jun 30, 2022
Lori Garver, out with a new book, Escaping Gravity, talks to Aviation Week editors about how the space industry ushered in a new era of private spaceflight, how
Defense and Space

IATA Director General Willie Walsh On Industry Recovery and Challenges

By Karen Walker Jun 29, 2022
His focus at IATA has been continuing industry recovery from the pandemic, meeting industry emissions goals and warding off airport price hikes on airlines.
Airlines & Lessors

Video: How to Attract MRO Workforce

By Lindsay Bjerregaard May 04, 2022
Aftermarket stakeholders discuss what the aviation industry needs to do to recruit and retain a diverse workforce to meet future demand.
MRO Americas

Addressing the Diversity Gap in Aviation Technical Careers

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 29, 2021
A new nonprofit called Minorities In Aviation wants to solve the diversity gap by providing resources to youth while drawing attention to the root cause.
Workforce & Training

Driving Change in Aviation Workforce Diversity

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jun 16, 2021
Chicago-based nonprofit AeroStar Avion Institute is working to make aviation careers more accessible for diverse communities.
Workforce & Training

New Nonprofit Seeks to Advance Aviation Industry Gender Parity

By Lindsay Bjerregaard May 10, 2021
Aviation Women Inspiring Next Generation (A-WING) is working on efforts to bridge the gap between organizations devoted to women in aviation and companies seeki
Workforce & Training

Factors That May Be Driving Women Away from Aviation Careers

By Lindsay Bjerregaard May 05, 2021
A study by members of the FAA’s Women in Aviation Advisory Board has identified several factors standing in the way of workforce gender balance.
Workforce & Training

Tackling Gender Barriers In Aviation Maintenance

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 15, 2021
Women in the MRO workforce are still facing gender-related challenges on the job.
Workforce & Training

Aviation Maintenance Students On Challenges Facing Next-Gen Workforce

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 14, 2021
Inside MRO speaks with students about the COVID-19 crisis effects, diversity and inclusion barriers and more.
Workforce & Training

AAR Launches Gender Equity Initiative in Miami

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Mar 29, 2021
AAR has hired its first all-female aircraft maintenance technician cohort in Miami, which will participate in a study to investigate how to attract women to MRO
Workforce & Training