Advanced Air Mobility

New Investment Keeps AAM Leaders On Track, But More Money Is Needed

By Graham Warwick May 11, 2023
Joby, Lilium and Archer have secured additional funding from existing investors.
Advanced Air Mobility

Ultra Safe Nuclear, Hyundai And SK Ecoplant Eye ‘Hydrogen Micro Hubs’

By Garrett Reim Apr 21, 2023
Three companies sign MOU to jointly research, develop and construct a carbon-free hydrogen micro-production hub.
Emerging Technologies

Opinion: How Aviation Technology Is Saving The Earth

Elizabeth Reynolds Apr 20, 2023
Innovations from the aerospace industry are helping to monitor, manage and mitigate climate change.
Emerging Technologies

SkyDrive Adds To Series C Fundraising Total

By Ben Goldstein Apr 07, 2023
The financing comes as SkyDrive works to certify its aircraft in time to launch commercial air taxi service for the 2025 World Expo being hosted in Osaka.
Advanced Air Mobility

MIT To Fly Silent-Propulsion Demonstrator

By Graham Warwick Apr 07, 2023
NASA is funding further work on a near-silent propulsion system for urban drones—and potentially air taxis.
Advanced Air Mobility

First Take, April 10, 2023

By Graham Warwick Apr 07, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Fast Five With Lilium CEO Klaus Roewe

By Ben Goldstein Apr 04, 2023
The German startup’s chief executive discusses a pivot to private aviation, the need for additional funding and the company’s planned service-entry date.
Advanced Air Mobility

BAE Systems To Define Battery For Heart’s Electric Regional

By Graham Warwick Mar 30, 2023
The 30-seat ES-30 is planned to enter service in 2028; customers include United Airlines.
Emerging Technologies

Startup Kite Launches First Aircraft Electric Motor

By Graham Warwick Mar 27, 2023
The KM-120 is designed for easy retrofit and factory installation in aircraft powered by small piston aeroengines.
Advanced Air Mobility

EHang More Than 90% Through Type Certification Process in China

By Ben Goldstein Mar 27, 2023
EHang says that more than 70% of compliance testing required by the CAAC has been or will be completed soon.
Advanced Air Mobility

French Startup Secures eVTOL Funding Boost

By Graham Warwick Mar 27, 2023
Ascendance conducted full-scale ground testing of its hybrid system on an iron bird test bench in 2022 and is entering the prototyping phase.
Advanced Air Mobility

The Week In Technology, March 20-24, 2023

By Graham Warwick Mar 20, 2023
Universities advance sustainability, robotic toolmaking, contactless braking and stratospheric batteries.
Emerging Technologies

The ‘Hassle Factor’ Could Hurt Electric Regional Airline Growth

By Garrett Reim Mar 14, 2023
Small delays can undermine the advantages of short-haul flights.
Airports & Networks

The Week in Technology, March 13-17, 2023

By Graham Warwick Mar 13, 2023
Conformal LH2 tank; Trajectory-based efficiencies; CycloRotor eVTOL testing; and SAF from oil trees.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Eve Air Mobility Vice President On eVTOL Maintenance Plans

By Lee Ann Shay Mar 10, 2023
Luiz Mauad, Eve’s vice president of services and fleet operation, discusses the development of eVTOLs—including maintenance expectations.
Aircraft & Propulsion

AutoFlight Sets eVTOL Endurance Record With China Flight

By Graham Warwick Mar 02, 2023
AutoFlight, a startup with operations in China and Europe, has completed the longest flight to date by an eVTOL aircraft.
Advanced Air Mobility

Mark Moore’s AAM Ranking: An Expert’s Opinion On eVTOL Progress

By Graham Warwick Feb 24, 2023
Moore, an expert on advanced air mobility, joins Aviation Week editors for no-holds-barred discussion of the challenges facing AAM startups in 2023.
Advanced Air Mobility

The Week In Technology, Feb. 20-24, 2023

By Graham Warwick Feb 20, 2023
eVTOL propeller test; hybrid-electric turboprop; hydrogen supply networks; and vertiports for Dubai.
Aircraft & Propulsion

From U.S. To Brazil, The Market For Large Express-Logistics UAVs Is Taking Off

By Graham Warwick Feb 06, 2023
Pyka, MightyFly and Moya Aero are among startups developing heavy-payload uncrewed aircraft for cargo use.
Advanced Air Mobility

U.S. Air Force Tests New Tech To Thwart Drones In Middle East

By Brian Everstine Feb 03, 2023
U.S. troops in the Middle East turn to new tech and adapted missile defenses to help protect bases.
Budget, Policy & Operations

The Week In Technology, Jan 30-Feb. 3, 2023

By Graham Warwick Jan 31, 2023
Fast rotorcraft take shape, electric trainer advances and SAF from methanol.
Emerging Technologies

NATA Forms Advanced Air Mobility Committee

By Bill Carey Jan 25, 2023
The AAM committee comprises infrastructure and flight operations members.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

The Week In Technology, Jan. 23-27, 2023

By Graham Warwick Jan 23, 2023
Regional rotorcraft; AAM flight planning; Ultra-low-NOx propulsion; and LH2 for UAVs.
Emerging Technologies

Opinion: How To Foster Safe Advanced Air Mobility Operations

Mandy Nelson Jan 20, 2023
Seasoned operators must collaborate in an open forum to deliver new advanced air mobility technologies safely into operational reality.
Advanced Air Mobility

Japan Plans eVTOL Industry Launch At Expo 2025 In Osaka

By Garrett Reim Jan 20, 2023
Why SkyDrive believes its true “air taxi” model is a winner.
Advanced Air Mobility