Opinion: ‘Hello Hydrogen’? Not So Fast

Martha Neubauer Mar 24, 2023
Hydrogen propulsion in aviation faces significant technical and market challenges.
Emerging Technologies

Spain Launches ITP-Led Hydrogen Propulsion Plan

By Guy Norris Mar 23, 2023
ITP Aero is leading a national consortium targeting the test and development of the first in-country developed hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft engine.
Aircraft & Propulsion

European Commission ‘Too Shy’ About SAF, Safran CEO Warns

By Thierry Dubois Mar 23, 2023
While the EC has initially referred to a 5% SAF incorporation target for 2030, the industry has been lobbying for a greater proportion.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Podcast: Hydrogen Hype?

Mar 23, 2023
The complex path to hydrogen propulsion, and why air travel will get more expensive.
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Fast 5: India's GMR Ponders Several Capability Additions

By Prachi Patel Mar 23, 2023
Ashok Gopinath, CEO of GMR Aero Technic discusses Indian MRO market and company's future plans to expand its capabilities.

ICAO Foresees Disruption In Safety Methodology As Sustainability Grows

By Chen Chuanren Mar 22, 2023
The industry should prepare for a disruption in aviation safety as it pivots toward sustainability innovation, an ICAO exec warns. 
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Sustainable Aviation Is Key To Meeting Demand

By Karen Walker Mar 22, 2023
An aircraft manufacturer, airport manager and a specialist in new sustainable engine technologies shared their views on the best pathways to achieving net zero.
Airports & Networks

Daily Memo: Business Aviation As Commercial Air Transport’s Sustainability Trailblazer

By Thierry Dubois Mar 22, 2023
When compared to commercial aviation, business aviation—be it using a small turboprop single or a large-cabin trijet—combines at least two features or quirks. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus: Strong Recovery Brings Sustainability Challenges

By Linda Blachly Mar 22, 2023
Growth in flying increases the challenge of decarbonizing the industry and meeting net-zero goals by 2050.
Aircraft & Propulsion

ZeroAvia Targets Nordic Hydrogen Supply

By Graham Warwick Mar 21, 2023
ZeroAvia has signed an MOU with Nordic energy company Fortum to explore developing hydrogen production and refueling infrastructure in the region.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Hybrid-electric Propulsion Development Accelerates

By Linda Blachly Mar 20, 2023
New efforts aim to speed up hybrid-electric development
Emerging Technologies

The Week In Technology, March 20-24, 2023

By Graham Warwick Mar 20, 2023
Universities advance sustainability, robotic toolmaking, contactless braking and stratospheric batteries.
Emerging Technologies

Airlines Play Long, Short Games On SAF

By Graham Warwick Mar 16, 2023
Airline investments in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) range from strategic to tactical.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Ontario Aerospace Fund Backs Sustainable Technologies

By Graham Warwick Mar 15, 2023
The projects led by southern Ontario companies have been selected by the Downsview Aerospace Innovation and Research (DAIR) Green Fund.
Aircraft & Propulsion

ACI Europe: Airport Carbon Accreditation Participation Shows Green Commitment

By Aaron Karp Mar 14, 2023
More than half of the carbon-cutting program's accredited airports are in Europe.
Airports & Networks

NASA Wants More Funds For Sustainable Flight Demos

By Graham Warwick Mar 13, 2023
Sustainable flight is at the heart of NASA’s request for $995.8 million in funding for aeronautics research in fiscal 2024.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Universal Hydrogen Eyes Japanese Supply System

By Graham Warwick Mar 13, 2023
California-based Universal Hydrogen is developing a hydrogen logistics system based on transporting modular capsules over the existing freight network.
Aircraft & Propulsion

The Week in Technology, March 13-17, 2023

By Graham Warwick Mar 13, 2023
Conformal LH2 tank; Trajectory-based efficiencies; CycloRotor eVTOL testing; and SAF from oil trees.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Pongamia Oiltree Eyed For Australian SAF Production

By Graham Warwick Mar 09, 2023
One of the challenges in producing SAF is securing feedstocks that do not compete with food crops.
Aircraft & Propulsion

MagniX Seeks Retrofit Certification Path

By Graham Warwick Mar 09, 2023
The company is focusing on the retrofit market as the easiest path to market for its electric propulsion units.
Aircraft & Propulsion

How Swiss International Air Lines Went Paperless For Maintenance

By James Pozzi Mar 09, 2023
Claus Bauer, head of technical fleet management, discusses the airline’s maintenance strategy for the post-pandemic service ramp-up.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Europe Working To Mature Technologies For Next Clean-Sheet Airliners

By Graham Warwick Mar 09, 2023
Europe’s Clean Aviation launches drive to improve next-generation aircraft efficiency 30-50%.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Europe Aims To Halve Future Regional Aircraft Emissions

By Graham Warwick Mar 09, 2023
Clean Aviation’s Hybrid-Electric Regional Aircraft thrust is developing technology for a mid-2030s service entry.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Hydrogen-Electric Power Accelerates With Universal Dash 8 Test Flight

By Guy Norris Mar 09, 2023
Crazy to credible—the world’s largest hydrogen fuel cell-powered aircraft begins test campaign, targeting service debut in 2025.
Emerging Technologies

Airbus Leads European Effort To Enable Fuel-Efficient Operations

By Graham Warwick Mar 08, 2023
The three-year HERON project (Highly Efficient Green Operations) involves 25 partners in 10 countries.
Aircraft & Propulsion