Kendall: F135 Upgrade The Only Option For All F-35 Variants
Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall has decided not to proceed with replacing the F-35’s F135 powerplant with either of two alternatives.
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GE Engines For FARA Prototypes Delayed Until 2024, U.S. Army Says

By Brian Everstine Mar 15, 2023
Delivery of the first GE Aerospace T901 engines to Bell and Sikorsky for integration into their FARA prototypes has been delayed until early 2024.
Aircraft & Propulsion

As Operators Rebound, OEMs Refocus On Aftermarket Support

By Sean Broderick Mar 10, 2023
How OEMs are ramping up aftermarket support as air carriers struggle to meet resurgent demand.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Europe Aims To Halve Future Regional Aircraft Emissions

By Graham Warwick Mar 09, 2023
Clean Aviation’s Hybrid-Electric Regional Aircraft thrust is developing technology for a mid-2030s service entry.
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Sikorsky, GE Team Up On Hybrid-Electric VTOL Demonstrator

By Guy Norris Mar 08, 2023
Sikorsky and GE Aerospace plan to develop a fully autonomous hybrid-electric testbed powered by a CT7 turboshaft-driven hybrid-electric propulsion system.
Emerging Technologies

GE Reveals Aero Factory Beneficiaries Of Redirected Spending

By Michael Bruno Mar 02, 2023
General Electric plans to invest $355 million in existing aerospace-related sites in 2023 after conducting so-called lean process improvement reviews.
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First Take, Feb. 27, 2023

By Graham Warwick Feb 24, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.

Huge Aircraft Orders Underline Air India’s Bold New Vision

By Adrian Schofield Feb 23, 2023
New owners look to increase market share and merge group’s airlines.
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GE Launches New F-35 Adaptive Engine Phase

By Guy Norris Feb 16, 2023
GE Aerospace is beginning design work for a production standard version of the XA100 adaptive engine for the Lockheed Martin F-35.
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From Safety To Simulation—The Boeing 747’s Lasting Impacts

By Guy Norris Jan 26, 2023
As the last Boeing 747-8 leaves its birthplace, Aviation Week looks at how design features of the first widebody have shaped and influenced the industry.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Keeping Tabs On Widebody Engine Costs

By Alex Derber Jan 24, 2023
The use of predictive analytics and data are becoming increasingly important for widebody operators looking to preempt future maintenance events.
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Boeing 777X Flight Tests Halted After GE9X Incident

By Guy Norris Nov 30, 2022
Boeing has temporarily suspended 777-9 test flights pending joint investigations with GE Aerospace into an unspecified issue on the aircraft’s GE9X engine.
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GE Aviation Rebranding 'Opens The Aperture'

By Jens Flottau Jul 18, 2022
GE has announced plans to rebrand its three business units into GE Healthcare, GE Vernova and GE Aerospace.
Farnborough Airshow

General Electric’s Culp Adds GE Aviation CEO Role

Jun 27, 2022
GE chairman and CEO Larry Culp has taken over GE Aviation as well, a few years in advance of an already planned transition as part of the parent company’s breakup into three segments.
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Blankenship To Succeeed Retiring Woodward CEO Gendron

By Michael Bruno Apr 22, 2022
Woodward Chairman, CEO and President Tom Gendron plans to retire from the major aerospace supplier on May 9, the company announced April 21, handing over the reins to Charles “Chip” Blankenship Jr. under a quietly planned succession
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

PE Firm Takes Over Former Roberts Tool, Subject Of Book On Lean

By Michael Bruno Mar 21, 2022
RTC Aerospace, a subtier precision-manufacturing company for aerospace and defense, has changed owners, with private-equity firm Stellex Capital taking over from investor and former CEO Brad Hart as the business eyes acquisition growth.
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Salt Air Exposure Led To CRJ-1000 Engine Failure

By Sean Broderick Dec 13, 2021
Corrosion from prolonged exposure to salty air set the stage for a part to crack and trigger a recent inflight engine shutdown on a Bombardier CRJ-1000, an FAA airworthiness directive confirms.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

What Will Happen To A Standalone GE Aviation After GE Breaks Up?

By Michael Bruno Nov 09, 2021
For the aerospace and defense industry, the breakup of General Electric has spurred a flurry of brainstorming over how GE Aviation could combine with other A&D assets to form the next industry colossus.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: NASA Project Signals Dawn Of Electrified Airliner

By Guy Norris Oct 12, 2021
The long-term sustainable growth of air transport will hinge on the development of net zero carbon propulsion technologies and NASA has taken a concrete step toward fostering the development of one such option.
Aircraft & Propulsion

GE Outlines NASA Electric Propulsion Test Plan

By Guy Norris Oct 01, 2021
GE Aviation says it will use a modified Saab 340B regional airliner as a flying testbed for hybrid electric propulsion technology to be evaluated as part of NASA’s Electric Powertrain Flight Demonstration (EPFD) program.
Aircraft & Propulsion

David Joyce Joins Boeing Board, Giambastiani Departing

By Michael Bruno Sep 01, 2021
Former GE Aviation chief David Joyce is joining Boeing’s board of directors, while Navy Adm. (ret.) Ed Giambastiani Jr. will leave at the end of the year, the company announced Aug. 31.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Avelo Taps GE Digital Flight Data Monitoring For Safety, Sustainability

By Sean Broderick Aug 02, 2021
Avelo, an all-Boeing 737 Next Generation-series operator, plans to tap its flight data and GE’s repository of algorithms to monitor and improve its operation across the board.

Daily Memo: CFM ‘Open Fan’ Project Confirms Airbus, Boeing Plans

By Thierry Dubois Jun 15, 2021
GE Aviation and Safran want to widen the field of possibilities as they have to meet the needs of two competing airframers—something CFM has consistently managed to do with one family of engines and customized versions.
Aircraft & Propulsion

CFM Unveils ‘Open Fan’ Demonstrator Plan For Next-Gen Engine

By Guy Norris Jun 14, 2021
CFM International joint venture partners GE Aviation and Safran have launched an aggressive technology development program to pave the way for a new generation of fuel-efficient unducted—or open fan—engines to enter service around the mid-2030s.

Tests Of GE XA100 Adaptive Combat Engine Exceed Performance Targets

By Guy Norris May 13, 2021
GE Aviation has completed initial test runs of the first full-scale XA100 three-stream adaptive combat engine, marking the start of a new chapter in U.S. military turbine engine development and paving the way for a new generation of variable cycle powerplants for sixth generation fighters.
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