Podcast: Porter Airlines' E2 Strategy 

By David Casey Mar 24, 2023
Canada’s Porter Airlines is in the midst of dramatically changing its overall business strategy with the introduction of new Embraer E195-E2 aircraft.
Window Seat Podcast

This Week in Air Transport (W/C March 16, 2023)

By Linda Blachly Mar 23, 2023
This week’s top air transport news includes Japan Airlines’ order for 21 Boeing 737 MAX-8s and a trial is set to block JetBlue’s acquisition of Spirit Airlines.
Air Transport

Saudi Arabia Is Massively Investing To Become A Global Aviation Hub

By Alan Dron Mar 22, 2023
Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is about transforming the nation’s commercial aviation stature.
Airlines & Lessors

Editorial: Don’t Ignore The US Air Safety Red Flags

By Karen Walker Mar 21, 2023
In the seven weeks between mid-December and early February, there were six runway incursion incidents in the US.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Analysis: DOJ’s Moves Against JetBlue Are Bad For The Consumer

By Karen Walker Mar 21, 2023
DOJ’s gunning for JetBlue is ludicrous but will be costly.
Airlines & Lessors

Quotes: Hear From The Air Transport Industry (W/C Mar. 14, 2023)

By Linda Blachly Mar 20, 2023
Hear from the experts - our Air Transport editors have been speaking to aviation experts, including Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan.
Air Transport

Hybrid-electric Propulsion Development Accelerates

By Linda Blachly Mar 20, 2023
New efforts aim to speed up hybrid-electric development
Emerging Technologies

Vietnamese Startup Bamboo CEO Talks Growth And Ambition

By Chen Chuanren Mar 20, 2023
Despite challenges, Bamboo has the advantage of being in one of Asia’s fastest-growing markets.
Airlines & Lessors

Why The Boeing 747 Stands Alone In Commercial Air Transport

By Chris Sloan Mar 20, 2023
The Boeing 747 became the air transport vehicle of choice for the elite, everyman and boxes.
Interiors & Connectivity

This Week in Air Transport (W/C March 9, 2023)

By Linda Blachly Mar 16, 2023
This week’s top air transport stories come out of Saudia Arabia as Saudia and newly launched Riyadh Air placed mega orders for Boeing 787 aircraft.
Air Transport

Podcast: Exclusive Interview With Emirates President Tim Clark

By Karen Walker Mar 16, 2023
Clark talks about his 50-year career, the Emirates blueprint and where he believes the air transport industry is heading.
Window Seat Podcast

Despite Regulatory Challenges, Ancillary Fees And Products Are Huge

By Chris Sloan Mar 15, 2023
Ancillary products are growing and becoming more creative.
Airlines & Lessors

Commentary: US Small Airports Lose Out To Hubs As Regional Service Declines

David Dague Mar 15, 2023
The US airport ecosystem is changing and redistributing passengers.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Podcast: Transatlantic Market: A Record Summer Awaits?

By David Casey Mar 09, 2023
Aviation Week editors discuss the highly lucrative market between Europe and North America, where demand for flights has returned stronger than ever.
Air Transport

Exclusive Interview With Kuwait Airways CEO

By Kurt Hofmann Mar 07, 2023
Established in 1954, government-owned Kuwait Airways operates a fleet of 34 aircraft, making it one of the region’s smallest carriers.
Airlines & Lessors

Airlines And Airports Remain In IT Spending Catchup

By Alan Dron Mar 07, 2023
Airlines and airports still aren’t spending as much on IT versus 2019.
Emerging Technologies

Public-Private Partnerships Invest In Clean Aircraft Technology Programs

By Graham Warwick Mar 07, 2023
Research ramps up to create technology foundation for new, cleaner aircraft.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

CAPA Perspective: LCCs Make North Atlantic Gains

Mar 07, 2023
LCCs are again growing share in the North Atlantic market.
Airlines & Lessors

Carriers Return To Former Markets And Open New Routes

By David Casey Mar 02, 2023
Airlines are revisiting previously served markets and exploring new ones.
Airports & Networks

50 New Routes Starting In March 2023

Mar 02, 2023
Air India launches Amritsar-London Gatwick route; Delta adds two international services.
Airports & Networks

Commentary: Why US Real ID For Air Travel Is A Bad Idea

Kevin Mitchell Mar 02, 2023
The US should drop its Real ID plan.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Podcast: Is Colombia Losing An Airline?

By Aaron Karp Mar 02, 2023
Aviation Week editors discuss the twists and turns of ultra-low cost carrier Viva Colombia, which suspended operations this week.
Air Transport

Budget Carriers Are Back In The Transatlantic Market

By David Casey Feb 28, 2023
LCCs are taking a small but growing share in the transatlantic market.
Airports & Networks

Demand For Transatlantic Travel Is Back Stronger Than Ever

By Aaron Karp Feb 27, 2023
Airlines on both sides of the Atlantic prepare for a record summer season.
Airlines & Lessors

Podcast: The State Of The European Airline Market

By Karen Walker Feb 24, 2023
Editors discuss airline failures, acquisitions and partnerships that will shape the European aviation market as it heads into its busiest season.
Air Transport