Trent 700 Aftermarket To Rebound In 2024 After COVID-19-Induced Hit

By James Pozzi Jan 20, 2021
Long considered to be a widebody workhorse, Rolls-Royce’s Trent 700 could yet ride out the crisis enveloping the large engine market.
Aircraft & Propulsion

What Is Trending In Passenger To Cargo Conversions?

By Paul Seidenman Jan 15, 2021
The market is growing quickly for both narrowbody and widebody passenger-to-freighter conversions.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Examining MRO In 2020: There Are Positives

By Lee Ann Shay Dec 04, 2020
Despite turmoil in 2020, how MRO sector looks poised to rebound in 2021.
Emerging Technologies

Aftermarket Hubs To Watch Worldwide

By Lee Ann Shay Dec 04, 2020
Examining the position of aviation aftermarket hubs by region.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Rolls-Royce Readies For Trent 1000 MRO Work

By James Pozzi Dec 04, 2020
Lengthy and expensive financial challenges, Rolls remains bullish about the long-term market for the Trent 1000. At the beginning of 2021, Aviation Week Fleet & MRO Forecast data estimate 770 of the Rolls-powered 787s will be in service.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Vueling Tackles COVID Challenges, Eyes Technology Upgrade

By James Pozzi Dec 04, 2020
Like most airlines across the world, Vueling has had to weather the challenges of the novel coronavirus in 2020 across all areas of its operation, including in its maintenance division.
Workforce & Training

Up Or Down For MRO And Aftermarket M&A?

By Michael Bruno Dec 03, 2020
MRO and aftermarket assets are already prime targets for mergers and acquisitions, but dealmakers do not want to rush into a bad deal.
Supply Chain

Pandemic Adds Airworthiness Risks, Regulators Find

By Sean Broderick Dec 03, 2020
New cleaning procedures, unplanned downtime introduce safety issues, regulators warn.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

U.S. Aviation Policy Forecast: What To Expect

Christian Klein Dec 03, 2020
The new administration will likely bring changes in U.S. aviation policy, mostly still to be determined.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Opinion: Sustainment And Diverging Paths Of Hardware And Software

By Craig Gottlieb Dec 03, 2020
The separation of software from the assets it supports is raising challenges to sustainment operating models.
Supply Chain

Teardown Specialists Growing Their Capabilities

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Dec 03, 2020
A glimpse into some of the latest developments in aircraft and engine teardowns.
Supply Chain

Tracking Available Seat Kilometers In 2020

Dec 03, 2020
Airlines will fly 60-70% fewer seat kilometers in 2020 compared to last year, but the numbers are slowly increasing. The China market is the outlier…
Aircraft & Propulsion

Why New Paints Are More Than Just Pretty

By Paul Seidenman Dec 03, 2020
The aviation paint industry is developing higher-performance coatings with reduced environmental impacts.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Inside MRO News Highlights And Contracts, December 2020

Dec 02, 2020
HIGHLIGHTS FAA Approves 737 MAX Changes The FAA’s finalization of required changes to the Boeing 737 MAX and its formal reversal of a flight ban if…

Is A Change Underway In MRO?

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 06, 2020
For airlines to recover from pandemic, they will need their aftermarket suppliers. But will they be ready?
Aircraft & Propulsion

MROs Must Act To Address Cyber Vulnerabilities

By Alex Derber Nov 06, 2020
As MRO becomes more reliant on the Internet of Things, providers must pay more attention to cybersecurity threats.
Emerging Technologies

Dramatic Traffic Downturn Shakes Up Secondary Parts Market

By Sean Broderick Nov 06, 2020
Slowdown in aircraft deliveries puts initial-provisioning material in play.
Supply Chain

ATR Focusing On Operating Cost-Reduction Effort

By Thierry Dubois Nov 06, 2020
While the pandemic has hit global air traffic, airlines operating ATRs are seeing improving utilization and faster recovery.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Tracking The Aviation Industry’s Recovery, November 2020

Nov 06, 2020
Snapshots of Aviation Week data on commercial aircraft and airline activity for recent months.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: MRO Is Needed Now For Urban Air Mobility

James Richmond Nov 05, 2020
MRO capabilities must be built in from the beginning for UAM to realize its potential.
Emerging Technologies

Paint And Coatings Go Greener, More Global

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 05, 2020
Paint and coatings providers are expanding facilities, releasing innovative new products and leading the way in sustainability initiatives.

American Airlines Plans For MAX Return, Recovery

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 05, 2020
American Airlines President Robert Isom shares his views on the Boeing 737 MAX return and how the airline is positioning itself for recovery.

Returning MAX To Service Requires Maintenance Changes

By Sean Broderick Nov 04, 2020
New master minimum equipment list for the MAX results in more no-go items.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

How Next-Gen Aircraft Windows Have Become Safer And Stronger

By Paul Seidenman Nov 04, 2020
Trends in the next generation of windows for business and commercial aircraft.
Emerging Technologies

Opinion: Thoughts On A Lifetime In MRO Advocacy

Sarah MacLeod Nov 04, 2020
Lessons of life applied to MRO oversight.
Safety, Ops & Regulation