Opinion: ‘Hello Hydrogen’? Not So Fast

Martha Neubauer Mar 24, 2023
Hydrogen propulsion in aviation faces significant technical and market challenges.
Emerging Technologies
New Positions, Promotions, Honors And Elections, March 27, 2023
Recent appointments, promotions and honors in the aviation and aerospace industry.
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First Take, March 27, 2023

By Graham Warwick Mar 24, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.
Aircraft & Propulsion
Aerospace Calendar And Aviation Week Events, March 27, 2023
A roundup of upcoming conferences, exhibitions and summits.
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Aerospace Calendar

Letters From Our Readers, March 27, 2023

Mar 24, 2023
Readers write about Operation Just Cause, Boeing's next airliner, transatlantic balloons, presidential airlift aircraft requirements and airline pilots.
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Financial Issues Derail Virgin Orbit Operations

By Irene Klotz Mar 24, 2023
A loose fuel filter doomed the company’s last launch. Then came a bigger problem.
Commercial Space

Last Major MD-11 Operators Signal Fleet Drawdown Plans

By Guy Norris Mar 24, 2023
Flatter cargo forecasts, rising costs and more efficient twinjet replacements push FedEx and UPS MD-11s toward retirement.
Aircraft & Propulsion
U.S. Safety Incidents Trigger Broad Search Of Possible Factors
A U.S. push to curb a troubling trend of commercial aviation occurrences will lean heavily on existing safety risk-mitigation strategies.
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Incidents in U.S. Prompt Push for Near-Term Action

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Podcast: Hydrogen Hype?

Mar 23, 2023
The complex path to hydrogen propulsion, and why air travel will get more expensive.
Check 6

Beta Takes Conventional-Takeoff-and-Landing Path To Certify eVTOL

By Graham Warwick Mar 23, 2023
Beta plans to certify a CTOL version of its electric aircraft ahead of the VTOL variant.
Advanced Air Mobility

Industry Advancing Plans To Address NH90 Availability Issues

By Tony Osborne Mar 23, 2023
In the past 18 months, three of the NH90’s 14 national customers have concluded that the efforts to keep it operational are not worth pursuing.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Turkey’s Indigenous Fighter Emerges

By Tony Osborne Mar 23, 2023
Although the rollout event was canceled, Turkish Aerospace Industries released images of the TF-X on March 18.
Aircraft & Propulsion

MiG Rally Resupplies Ukraine, But Will It Be Enough?

By Steve Trimble Mar 23, 2023
A long-awaited transfer of Polish and Slovakian MiGs will help restore Ukrainian air force capacity, but they add few needed capabilities.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Ky: FAA And EASA Are Closer After Difficult Discussions

By Jens Flottau Mar 23, 2023
The European safety agency’s certification concerns have contributed to the latest 777X delay, but EASA, the FAA and Boeing seem to have found a path forward.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Brazil's Domestic Airpower Agenda Faces Pressure

By Steve Trimble Mar 23, 2023
A five-year-old plan to in-source major airpower capabilities is threatened by political, economic and industrial forces.
Budget, Policy & Operations

OneWeb Poised To Complete First LEO Broadband Constellation

By Irene Klotz Mar 22, 2023
Just six more satellites are needed for full global coverage.
Commercial Space

Boeing 787 Orders Signal Step Forward In Saudi Aviation Plans

By Helen Massy-Beresford Mar 22, 2023
Aviation expansion is a major part of Saudi Arabian plans to diversify away from oil activities.
Airlines & Lessors

Pentagon Budget Highlights Aircraft Development And Weapons Production

By Brian Everstine Mar 22, 2023
The Biden administration’s fiscal 2024 request includes an increase in procurement and research and looks to cut the current fleet to pay for it.
Budget, Policy & Operations

No New Engines For U.S. Air Force F-35As

By Brian Everstine Mar 22, 2023
The service is ending the Adaptive Engine Transition Program for its fleet, opting instead for Pratt’s cheaper Engine Core Upgrade proposal.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Budget Boosts FAA Spending To Address Certification Backlog

By Sean Broderick Mar 22, 2023
The fiscal 2024 bill requests $1.7 billion for the FAA’s Aviation Safety division—a 7% increase over the current year’s enacted total.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

K2 Space Plans for ‘Mega-Class’ Satellite

By Garrett Reim Mar 21, 2023
Startup sees SpaceX Starship enabling larger, albeit lower-cost spacecraft.
Commercial Space

Southwest Airlines Prepares For Next Winter With New Action Plan

By Christine Boynton Mar 21, 2023
The airline says it is "well underway" with a remediation plan.
Airlines & Lessors

NASA, Axiom Space Develop Artemis III Spacesuits

By Mark Carreau Mar 21, 2023
U.S. space agency will lease the garments, which provide 8 hr. of life support for missions.

NASA Seeks 7.1% Boost To Keep Artemis Program On Track

By Mark Carreau Mar 20, 2023
The agency's budget request would provide funding to land humans on the lunar surface by the end of 2025.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Leonardo’s Cutillo Pursues Smart Rotorcraft Vision

By Tony Osborne Mar 20, 2023
Leonardo Helicopters Managing Director Gian Piero Cutillo talks digitalization, supply chains and his vision for the company’s UK operation.
Aircraft & Propulsion