AC-U-KWIK International Web Subscription (1 year access)
AC-U-KWIK International Web Subscription (1 year access)
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Annual subscription provides online access to information for airports, FBOs, and business aviation support services for over 8000 airports worldwide.

The AC-U-KWIK International Web Subscription is a valuable resource with hard-to-find information for pre-flight planning in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Australia. Find detailed airport information, FBOs/Handlers, fuel providers, customs information, ground transportation, charter, and catering services.

Product Information

Online access includes complete AC-U-KWIK data for all international and domestic airports worldwide, including:

  • International Airport Runway dimensions including available approaches for over 8000 airports
  • Diagrams of airport layout to easily locate FBOs
  • Airport of Entry remarks
  • Customs Designation of Airport - LRA, User or Designated
  • Real-time weather including METAR and TAF (where available)
  • Radial search functionality to find the closest airport to your destination (where available)
  • General and after-hour contact information for Airports, FBOs, handlers, fuel suppliers and hotels. Includes listings for ground transportation, maintenance, catering and charter providers