GE Aviation has begun assembling the high pressure compressor (HPC) rig that will be tested this summer as part of the GE9X engine study for Boeing’s 777X aircraft.

Boeing has selected GE as its engine partner for the 777X program, which is expected to be launched this year.

The HPC rig will be a 90% scale of the full size HPC on the next-generation GE90 engine.

The HPC rig test will occur at a GE facility in Massa, Italy in July.

The first full core test is scheduled for 2015.

The next-generation GE90 engine incorporates an 11-stage HPC that will produce a 27-to-1 pressure ratio, the highest pressure ratio of any commercial engine in service.

The engine will be in the 100,000 lbs. thrust class with a 10% improvement in fuel burn over today’s GE90-115B.

“In 2013, GE is focused on maturing advanced technologies for the fan, combustor, high pressure turbine and HPC as well continuing development on new material, such as ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), for the GE9X engine,” GE90 program GM Bill Millhaem said. “The test will demonstrate the operability and efficiency of the compressor and refine clearance and bleed models. Test results will be used to make further enhancements to the HPC design.”