Flight Friday: Turboprops Lead The Way In Latin America Recovery

With Aviation Week Events MRO Latin America coming up next week, this weeks’ #FlightFriday takes a look at the recovery of the Latin America market.

Post-pandemic regional turboprops became active, getting back to 80% of equivalent month in 2019 by the start of 2021, and have pushed past January 2019 flights in 2023.

Narrowbody (single aisle) jets are next, having recovered to almost 97% of the equivalent month in 2019. Widebody (twin aisle) aircraft, understandably, have taken longer to recover due to difficulties in international traffic post outbreak, but they have recovered to over 85% of 2019 cycles.


Regional jets are behind total cycles when compared to equivalent month, in part due to the change in fleets, with operators preferring to operate narrowbody jets where they can.

Overall, January 2023 Latin America flights are almost at 95% of January 2019, showing positive progress to ‘pre-pandemic’ levels.

This data was put together using Aviation Week’s Tracked Aircraft Utilization tool.

Daniel Williams

Based in the UK, Daniel is the Manager of Fleet, Flight and Forecast data for Aviation Week Network. Prior to joining Aviation Week in 2017, Daniel held a number of industry positions analyzing fleet data.