Putting the Passenger First

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Stephan Copart
Head of Strategy and StB, 
FDS Transformation
Financial and Distribution Services

Patricia Simillon
Strategic Marketing



Michele McDonald
Contributing Writer
Air Transport World



It’s happened to us all; travelling on a ‘just-in-time’ schedule, when the word “Delayed” appears on the departure information screen beside our flight. Then, frustration is replaced with despair when the dreaded word “Cancelled” appears. No matter who are what is to blame for the disruption, passengers tend to get frustrated with the airline and expect them to provide a solution.  If the airline doesn’t accommodate their travel needs, it runs the risk of losing them as future passengers. With the proliferation of social media platforms, this passenger frustration can be spread worldwide virtually instantly. In irregular operations, airlines consider the direct costs incurred, but the indirect cost of loss of loyalty and reputation cannot be dismissed.

Join us for this webinar when we discuss 5 key areas where airlines can improve irregular operations management and put the passenger first.

  1. Implement a standard service approach
  2. Create a robust schedule
  3. Empower passengers with intelligent re-accommodation options
  4. Provide transparent communication and compensation
  5. Manage the social media impact of disruptions

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