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Description publishes technical, ground services and full contact information for almost 6,000 airports worldwide and provides aviation professionals with a set of practical tools to help navigate through the information quickly. Subscribers find the service leads to efficiencies in flight operations as well as providing all the information they need for new route planning, ground handling contracts and fuel purchasing. Features include:

  • EFFICIENT WEB-BASED TOOLS, providing rapid access to airport data with robust, straightforward search features.
  • GLOBAL AIRPORT CONTACT INFORMATION supplies users with vital pre-flight planning details as well as contact lists for marketing and competitor analysis.
  • REAL-TIME UPDATES ensure that data is consistently reviewed for accuracy and uploaded instantly.
  • EXTENSIVE CLEARANCE DATA that delivers all the vital operational details in one indispensible resource. is pleased to offer a full preview of our web service and its key features.

View this in-depth virtual tour moderated by a panel of our product experts and get a detailed look inside the data service.

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