A McDonnell Douglas MD-83 belonging to Taiwanese carrier Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT) was involved in a runway excursion after landing at Philippines’s Kalibo International Airport on the evening of March 13.

Based on initial statement by the Philippines Office of the Civil Defense, none of the 121 occupants were hurt.

Flight FE321 departed Taipei Taoyuan International Airport at 3:52 p.m. local time and landed at Kalibo International Airport at 6:07 p.m. when the aircraft experience an excursion into Bay 1. The incident resulted in the temporary closure of the runway and the delay of two departures, one arrival and the cancellation of a flight from Manila. The return FAT flight to Taipei was also canceled.

The 21-year old aircraft, registered as B-28027 is one of four MD-83 operated by FAT, alongside four MD-82s.

Chen Chuanren, chuanren@purplelightvisuals.com