Outgoing Iran Air chairman and MD Farhad Parvaresh has confirmed to ATW that Farzaneh Shrafbafi will become the first female CEO of the Iranian flag carrier.

“Mrs. Shrafbafi is the first lady who will guide Iran Air. She is now head of the company and the assignment as CEO will be done in a month after formalities,” Parvaresh told ATW.

Shrafbafi holds a PhD in aerospace engineering and previously served on Iran Air’s board of directors. 

According to the Associated Press, Iran President Hassan Rouhani, who was re-elected earlier this year, has appointed women to a number of management posts, breaking with tradition in the Islamic republic.

Parvaresh, who resigned this week, said he is leaving Iran Air to accept a new position at ICAO. “I will take the responsibility as ‘Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the ICAO’ in Montreal,” he said.

Iran Air, which was established in 1940, transports 1 million passengers on international routes and 3 million on domestic flights per year.

Kurt Hofmann, hofmann.aviation@netway.at