Lithuania-based lessor AviaAM Leasing has delivered its first aircraft to a North American client—Canadian LCC Air Transat—the company said April 13. The aircraft, an Airbus A321-200, was delivered ahead of schedule, AviaAM said, and is contracted for a 10-year operating lease. AviaAM Leasing VP sales Mantas Meizneris said the company is “already exploring other potential projects with the carrier.”

Air Transat is a Montreal-based leisure travel company that posted C$725.8 million ($563 million) in revenue for the first quarter of 2018, but registered an adjusted net loss of C$33.9 million. The company’s airline segment operates a fleet of four owned and 44 leased-in aircraft, largely Boeing 737-700s and -800s, along with 12 Airbus A330200s and four A330300s; five A321-200NLRs are on order.

Mark Nensel