Australian IFE provider digEcor has rebranded itself as Burrana after acquiring Collins Aerospace’s commercial IFE business.

The acquisition was completed Jan. 18, Brisbane-based Burrana said Jan. 21.

The IFE systems were developed by Rockwell Collins, which was acquired by United Technologies Corp. (UTC) in 2018. UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell were combined to form Collins Aerospace.

“The acquisition brings together the former Rockwell Collins’ PAVES family of seat back and overhead solutions, as well as PAVES On-demand, Total Entertainment System (TES), Enhanced Total Entertainment System (ETES) and content services, with digEcor’s GLIDE, Engage, Power, PSS and Lighting products,” Burrana said.

Burrana is an indigenous Australian word meaning “to fly.” The company describes itself as “an integrated end-to-end cabin technology provider” with an installed base of more than 1,400 aircraft and 300 customers.

“We will achieve our vision of taking the passenger experience to the next level by collectively bringing the right new technology to market and leveraging our engineering expertise and proven ability to rapidly develop and certify new products,” CEO David Withers said.

Victoria Moores,