[UPDATED] A Bhoja Air (BHO) Boeing 737-200 carrying 127 passengers and crew crashed on approach to Islamabad (ISB) Friday, Pakistani defense minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhar has confirmed, according to multiple media reports from Pakistan.

The domestic flight was en route from Karachi (KHI) and reportedly lost contact with the control tower about 10 min. before it was supposed to land. Mukhar said Friday that the crashed aircraft was on fire and all 118 passengers and nine crew are feared dead. It reportedly came down in a rural area. No causes for the crash were immediately cited.

BHO restarted flying this year after a decade of dormancy. It operates 737-200s and one 737-400 on domestic routes out of Karachi.

The last major airline accident in Pakistan, which resulted in the destruction of an Airblue Airbus A321, occurred in July 2010 and also involved a failed approach to ISB (ATW Daily News, July 29, 2010).