Would-be telecommunications satellite operator OneWeb has joined forces with Airbus, Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines and mobile network operators Sprint and Bharti Airtel to offer a seamless experience to those passengers wanting to connect their mobile device on board.

The Seamless Air Alliance offers member mobile operators to extend their services into airline cabins, via satellite. OneWeb is gearing up for the launch of its first satellites—in a constellation of 900—this year. It pledges to provide users with the same high-speed and low-latency internet they find on the ground.

The Alliance promises to offer affordable data access, streamlined system integration and simple billing. It is open to “interested parties” and inflight connectivity specialist Gogo has already announced its intention to join.

“We know that Delta customers have an expectation that their internet connection just works—no matter where they are in their travel journey,” Delta senior executive president and COO Gil West said. “Delta is developing a system that not only benefits Delta customers, but the entire airline industry.”

OneWeb, which is manufacturing its satellites via a joint venture with Airbus, has planned entry into service for 2019.

Thierry Dubois, thierry.dubois@aviationweek.com