The internet-of-things platform Airbus introduced last week for cabin equipment may be seen as a first step toward a more customized experience for the passenger, according to Airbus VP-cabin marketing Ingo Wuggetzer.

Under the Vision 2030 concept Airbus devised with airlines, the cabin could accommodate “smart segmentation.” A passenger may make more personal choices than just selecting a class.

The elderly, who are reluctant to travel by plane because of multiple hurdles, may be guided at every step of their journey, such as prearranging a meal, Wuggetzer said. “A carrier has the required information thanks to customer relationship management,” he said. Smart cabin lighting may create clear signage for the passenger to locate his or her seat.

A family may book seats in club configuration and baggage space may be booked in the overhead bin.

A passenger may order a drink from the IFE system and the order would be automatically processed in the galley. A flight attendant would only have to bring the drink to the seat.

As a result, cabin crew members may spend more quality time with passengers, Wuggetzer said. As a result, the carrier may expect more ancillary revenues.

Thierry Dubois,