Karen Walker

Executive Editor , Air Transport World

Karen Walker is Editor-in-Chief at Air Transport World. She joined the magazine in that position in August 2013 and oversees the editorial content and direction of ATW’s digital, print, data and events products.
Previous positions include Chief Editor at Armed Forces Journal, Americas’ Editor at Air Transport Intelligence, and Executive Editor at Airline Business.
Karen studied in the UK, earning a degree in journalism. She is a dual citizen of the UK and USA and has lived and worked in both countries as well as in Singapore, where she was Asia Editor for Flight International.
Karen lives in Alexandria, VA., with her husband, Graham, and their rescue hounds and cats. She is a volunteer with Brood Basset Rescue and SPCA of Northern Virginia.

Posts by Karen Walker

Munoz’s apology may not be enough

in ATW Editor's Blog Apr 11, 2017
Let’s start with today’s good news for United. The CEO issued a full apology for the awful bumped-then-dragged passenger incident, took full......

United bumped passenger video damages all airlines

in ATW Editor's Blog Apr 10, 2017
The news and video that emerged today of a passenger being roughly dragged from a United Airlines aircraft for no other reason than the airline had......

EASA’s safety warning raises most important question on electronic carry-on bans

in ATW Editor's Blog Apr 05, 2017
EASA’s safety bulletin issued today warning of the hazards of loading lots of personal electronics in the cargo hold rather than let passengers carry......

American places ATW Airline of the Year logo on 968 aircraft

in ATW Editor's Blog Apr 04, 2017
American Airlines is having the sort of sticker shock it’s nice to have; the carrier is sticking 2017 ATW Airline of the Year decals on the fuselages......

Ban the carry-on ban. And soon

in ATW Editor's Blog Apr 03, 2017
The new US and UK electronics carry-on security bans continue to raise questions. But there’s zero evidence that they raise security....

Keep calm, but don't carry on!

in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 22, 2017
The British Airways statement on the new rules forbidding laptops and other personal electronic devices in carry-on on certain flights is so British....

Trying to make sense of the new TSA electronics ban

in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 21, 2017
I flew to Abu Dhabi for a short work trip in January and, if I’m honest, I found the security and screening processes at that airport ahead of my......

The security paradox of Trump’s first budget

in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 17, 2017
US President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal would shift the majority of TSA costs on to the airlines and traveling public. Why would a......

10 good and bad indicators for US aviation under Trump

in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 01, 2017
It’s still early days in the US Trump administration, but here’s a few thoughts on the outlook for aviation, good and bad, given what little we have......

Protesters at Washington Dulles are happy, well behaved

in ATW Editor's Blog Jan 30, 2017
I took an international flight out of Washington Dulles Sunday evening so stepped down to the international arrivals lounge curious to see what was......