Karen Walker

Executive Editor , Air Transport World

Karen Walker is Editor-in-Chief at Air Transport World. She joined the magazine in that position in August 2013 and oversees the editorial content and direction of ATW’s digital, print, data and events products.
Previous positions include Chief Editor at Armed Forces Journal, Americas’ Editor at Air Transport Intelligence, and Executive Editor at Airline Business.
Karen studied in the UK, earning a degree in journalism. She is a dual citizen of the UK and USA and has lived and worked in both countries as well as in Singapore, where she was Asia Editor for Flight International.
Karen lives in Alexandria, VA., with her husband, Graham, and their rescue hounds and cats. She is a volunteer with Brood Basset Rescue and SPCA of Northern Virginia.

Posts by Karen Walker

Airport drinking; when to call time?

in ATW Editor's Blog Aug 15, 2017
Is limiting the number of alcoholic drinks each passenger can consume at an airport a good idea?...

Sully video blog – reader comments & a follow up

in ATW Editor's Blog Aug 11, 2017
Not surprisingly, my latest blog on “Sully” Sullenberger’s AAAA videos campaigning against US ATM reform ignited a strong response from readers.......

Sully’s misleading statements on US ATC reform

in ATW Editor's Blog Aug 10, 2017
Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot who landed a US Airways A320 on the Hudson River in New York, is campaigning against moves to reform and......

New US security rules are a win for common sense

in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 24, 2017
The US government’s new security rules for all international flights bound for the US came into effect last week. I experienced them first hand at......

The UK’s laptop security predicament

in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 06, 2017
Gradually, business returns closer to normal for those airlines and airports that were affected by the US government’s poorly conceived laptop ban in......

The subsidy irony of Anderson’s new gig

in ATW Editor's Blog Jun 27, 2017
Amtrak’s pick of former Delta Air Lines chairman and CEO Richard Anderson to be its president and CEO provides exactly the sort of tough leadership......

Qatar Airways’ American bid could be political

in ATW Editor's Blog Jun 23, 2017
Qatar Airways’ unsolicited bid to acquire a large stake in American Airlines is indeed “puzzling”, as American CEO Doug Parker put it in a letter to......

Qatar's unsolicited, unexpected and unwelcome bid for American

in ATW Editor's Blog Jun 22, 2017
You have to hand it to Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker; he never fails to surprise. This time, it appears, he has also surprised American Airlines....

Cuba: You need passengers, not just planes!

in ATW Editor's Blog Jun 16, 2017
My quick take on US President Donald Trump’s announcement today that the US air services pact with Cuba will remain, but a ban on US tourism to the......

Munoz moves United on from scandal, but will customer service follow?

in ATW Editor's Blog Jun 16, 2017
United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz’s speech in New York this week seemed deliberately aimed at putting the dragged passenger scandal behind him and......