Aaron Karp

Senior Editor , Air Transport World

Aaron Karp has been a senior editor at Air Transport World since April 2006. He has covered commercial aviation for over 18 years, previously serving as editor of World Airport Week, reporter for Flight International/Air Transport Intelligence and managing editor of Air Cargo World. He has covered numerous aviation conferences and events throughout the world, including the Paris, Farnborough and Singapore air shows. He was the recipient of the 2007 Aerospace Journalist of the Year award for best maintenance submission.

Posts by Aaron Karp

Can a partial shutdown of FAA be avoided?

in AirKarp Aug 08, 2017
Don’t hold your breath waiting for an FAA reauthorization bill including major ATC reform to pass the US Congress....

Wait-and-see approach is still best on new US security requirements

in AirKarp Jul 07, 2017
The foundation is in place for the new standards to be problematic for airlines down the road....

Qatar Airways CEO Al Baker defiant in face of blockade, laptop ban

in AirKarp Jun 22, 2017
The diplomatic rift between Qatar and four Gulf neighbors has not thwarted Qatar Airways’ ambitions....

Trump’s withdrawal from Paris is bad news for the ICAO emissions deal

in AirKarp Jun 01, 2017
The hard truth is that CORSIA 'complements' Paris. The two agreements are inexorably linked....

Doug Parker: ‘Our stock is so undervalued it defies logic’

in AirKarp May 05, 2017
What will it take for Wall Street to buy into the notion that US airlines are safe—and even forward-thinking—investments?...

US mainline-regional system likely contributed to bumping incident

in AirKarp Apr 14, 2017
I can’t help but wonder if the Byzantine relationship between mainlines and regionals is partly to blame for this incident....

Casting a cloud over a movie star & a little boy sharing carrot juice

in AirKarp Mar 21, 2017
Have years of work by Emirates and other airlines to cultivate a safe, friendly image in the US been spoiled in one fell swoop?...

Trump’s TSA bombshell

in AirKarp Mar 16, 2017
The president is proposing a radical change in how aviation security is funded in the US....

Airline paradox: Punished by Wall Street for a high completion factor

in AirKarp Mar 10, 2017
US airlines and Wall Street have had a running debate over how much unit revenue performance means....

Express cargo’s big shift

in AirKarp Feb 27, 2017
Express cargo companies are scrambling to keep up with the e-commerce monster they helped spawn....