L3 Commercial Aviation announced a new line of cockpit voice and flight-data recorders (CVR/FDR) designed to meet the 2021 European mandate for CVRs with a minimum of 25 hrs. of recording time.

L3 said the SRVIVR25 product line includes five models based on functionality, aircraft wiring types and mounting options, and includes CVRs, voice and data recorders and FDRs. The FDR units are capable of 50 hrs. of recording time, the company said.

The SRVIVR25 recorders also will be capable of cockpit video recording and real-time data streaming. A higher-fidelity audio recording system uses an advanced digital microphone to minimize vibration and signal obstruction, L3 said.

EASA certification of the recorders begins this year and continues through 2020 for the various models, the company said.

EASA has mandated that aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 27,000 kg (59,524 lbs.) and manufactured after Jan. 1, 2021 be fitted with CVRs having a minimum recording duration of 25 hrs. In the US, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has also recommended the FAA mandate 25-hr. CVRs.

The SRVIVR25 line is designed as a direct replacement for L3’s FA2100 and other ARINC 747- and 757-standard recorders. The recorders come with a new 90-day underwater locator beacon that requires no special handling or transportation as a hazardous material and complies with special conditions for the use of non-rechargeable lithium batteries on aircraft, L3 said.

In February, Honeywell and Curtiss-Wright Corp. said they have partnered to develop a new line of CVR/FDRs that will exceed the requirements of the EASA mandate. Curtiss-Wright will be the exclusive supplier of Honeywell’s Connected Recorder-25 (HCR-25) recorders for the air transport and business aviation markets.

Bill Carey bill.carey@informa.com