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Volotea A319
Spain’s Volotea selected by Airbus to run corporate shuttle
Spanish LCC Volotea has been awarded a five-year contract by Airbus to operate twice-daily return flights between the airframer’s main production sites in Toulouse and Hamburg.
Spanish LCC Volotea continues growth plan
Volotea—a Barcelona-based LCC specializing in point-to-point service between Europe’s secondary cities—is sticking to its plan for growth over the coming years, after a summer deemed satisfactory in load factor and regularity.
CFM sustains LEAP-1B production despite MAX impact 
CFM International is maintaining LEAP-1B engine production at its current level despite the financial impact of the Boeing 737 MAX situation.
French air traffic control failure causes major flight delays 
An IT system outage at French air navigation service provider DSNA on Sept. 1 caused major delays at airports in France and neighboring countries.
BEA: Air France A340 abnormal takeoffs caused by pilot input 
In an investigation report that effectively highlights the value of flight data monitoring, the French Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses (BEA) has determined that some abnormally long Airbus A340-300 takeoffs from Bogota El Dorado International Airport in Colombia were the result of improper pilot practices.
Universal Avionics aims for A320 enhanced flight vision retrofits 
Universal Avionics is developing a supplemental type certificate (STC) for an enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) on the Airbus A320, paving the way for operators to retrofit aircraft with a technology that enables low-visibility landings.
Bids for Paris airport could face referendum 
The French government sees selling all or part of its 50.6% stake in Paris airports as a way to help reduce public debt and fund technical innovation.
Ryanair to introduce pilots to flight replay tablet app 
Ireland’s Ryanair has signed up with CEFA Aviation for a flight replay app that its pilots will be able to use in the cockpit once the aircraft is parked.
BEA begins new search for key fragment in Air France A380 engine failure 
French air accident investigation bureau BEA is gearing up for a new search phase in Greenland, still hoping to find a key fragment of the Air France Airbus A380 engine that lost its fan in flight on Sept. 30, 2017.
French group predicts rise in certification costs after MAX crisis 
Officials from French aerospace industry association GIFAS are predicting the ongoing safety crisis around the Boeing 737 MAX will cause certification costs to increase.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Airbus eyes more customized passenger service 
The internet-of-things platform Airbus introduced last week for cabin equipment may be seen as a first step toward a more customized experience for the passenger, according to Airbus VP-cabin marketing Ingo Wuggetzer.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Diehl developing higher-quality cabin loudspeaker 
Diehl Aviation is developing an innovative way to replace conventional loudspeakers in the passenger cabin, using the lower panel of the overhead baggage compartment as a membrane.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Latécoère touts Li-Fi as faster than Wi-Fi 
Aerostructure and wiring specialist Latécoère is developing a Li-Fi system, based on light signal transmission via optical fiber and light-modulation infrared LEDs, as a way to increase the bandwidth of IFE systems.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Airbus promotes lower-cost business class seat 
Airbus is promoting the newly created “Settee Corner” concept for business class, combining flexible use and lower production cost.
ATR Audioback
AIX Hamburg 2019: ATR plans assistance for hearing-impaired 
Turboprop manufacturer ATR is developing a system designed to make its cabins more accommodating for passengers who wear hearing aids.
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