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French group predicts rise in certification costs after MAX crisis 
Officials from French aerospace industry association GIFAS are predicting the ongoing safety crisis around the Boeing 737 MAX will cause certification costs to increase.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Airbus eyes more customized passenger service
The internet-of-things platform Airbus introduced last week for cabin equipment may be seen as a first step toward a more customized experience for the passenger, according to Airbus VP-cabin marketing Ingo Wuggetzer.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Diehl developing higher-quality cabin loudspeaker
Diehl Aviation is developing an innovative way to replace conventional loudspeakers in the passenger cabin, using the lower panel of the overhead baggage compartment as a membrane.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Latécoère touts Li-Fi as faster than Wi-Fi
Aerostructure and wiring specialist Latécoère is developing a Li-Fi system, based on light signal transmission via optical fiber and light-modulation infrared LEDs, as a way to increase the bandwidth of IFE systems.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Airbus promotes lower-cost business class seat
Airbus is promoting the newly created “Settee Corner” concept for business class, combining flexible use and lower production cost.
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AIX Hamburg 2019: ATR plans assistance for hearing-impaired
Turboprop manufacturer ATR is developing a system designed to make its cabins more accommodating for passengers who wear hearing aids.
AIX Hamburg 2019: American A321neo takes off with Airbus XL baggage bins
American Airlines has begun using Airbus’ Airspace XL overhead baggage bins in revenue service on an A321neo, thus becoming the first carrier to operate the new equipment.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Panasonic introduces interactive inflight map
Panasonic is launching an augmented moving map with more interaction possibilities for inflight passenger entertainment (IFE).
AIX Hamburg 2019: Airbus continues to promote lower-deck cabin module
Airbus has yet to find a customer for its lower-deck cabin module, but promoters have clearer ideas on how to market and certify it.
Thierry Dubois
Airbus upgrades ‘Day & Night’ first-class concept
Airbus has made a prominent change to its Day & Night first-class concept, the “night” area of which now looks like a two-person bedroom.
AIX Hamburg 2019: Efforts revived on improving passenger sleep
Aircraft interior design consultants, physicians and cabin amenity providers are reviving the airline industry’s efforts to improve passenger sleep, at a time when data gathering and analytics technologies are opening new possibilities.
Air Arabia to use A321neoLRs on new Southeast Asia routes 
LCC Air Arabia plans to use its incoming Airbus A321neoLRs to serve new routes in Southeast Asia.
ANA receives first A380; plans to double capacity to Hawaii 
All Nippon Airways (ANA) received its first of three Airbus A380s March 20, which the carrier plans to use to double capacity between Japan and Hawaii.
Lack of trim runaway warning concerns pilot union association 
The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) is concerned most flight decks lack tools allowing pilots to be aware of the trim’s position, according to a position paper published March 7.
EASA to analyze Boeing software changes before MAX flies again in Europe 
The Boeing 737 MAX will not fly again in Europe until the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) completes an in-depth analysis of the software changes Boeing is developing for the aircraft, according to EASA executive director Patrick Ky.
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