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Startup launches on-demand helicopter service in Manila
Citing traffic congestion in the capital city, a startup has launched a helicopter ridesharing service in Manila, Philippines.
Wing receives FAA’s first certificate for drone deliveries
The first air carrier certificate for a commercial drone delivery service in the US has been awarded by the FAA to Wing, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet.
Airbus reports A220 integration on track
Integration of the former Bombardier CSeries program into Airbus is progressing well, the head of Airbus in Canada said. “We will deliver more aircraft in the second half of the year than we did in the first half as we continue to ramp up,” said Philippe Balducci, CEO of the Airbus-led partnership that now builds the narrowbody airliner as the A220.
Analysis: Boeing invests in new-generation supersonic airliner concept
Fifty years after first flight of the Anglo-French Concorde, supersonic air travel could be close to making a comeback, but there are environmental concerns.
A new future for the de Havilland Q400 
Canada’s Longview Aviation Capital agreed to buy the Dash 8 program, including Q400 regional turboprop production and the de Havilland name, from Bombardier.
Analysis: What does urban air mobility mean for airlines?
Urban air mobility is defined as on-demand commercial air transport. The question for airlines is whether they should be interested or concerned.
Bombardier Commercial delivered 20 CRJs, 15 Q400s in 2018 
Bombardier Commercial Aircraft delivered 20 CRJs and 15 Q400s in 2018, and deliveries are expected to remain at the 35-aircraft level for 2019.
FAA to require drones to display ID number on outside surface 
Concerned that explosives concealed inside a drone could pose a danger to someone trying to identify an unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV), the FAA will require owners to display their registration number on an outside surface.
Airbus UAM
Airbus: Public accepts urban air mobility; safety, noise a concern 
Safety and noise are the public’s biggest concerns about urban air mobility (UAM), but initial acceptance of the concept is surprisingly high, a public perception survey conducted by Airbus has concluded.
Boom details noise goals for Overture supersonic airliner 
Boom’s Overture supersonic airliner will be as quiet on takeoff and landing as subsonic aircraft flying similar routes today, the startup said, providing more insight into its efforts to reconcile the high- and low-speed requirements for its Mach 2.2 commercial aircraft.
Counter-UAV system makers frustrated by airports’ inaction 
Following the drone sightings that shut down London Gatwick Airport in December, manufacturers of equipment to counter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) say the technology is available and expressed frustration that airports and authorities are not being more proactive in meeting the threat.
Boeing reveals ultra-efficient airliner concept 
Boeing has unveiled a refined design for its Transonic Truss-Braced Wing (TTBW) ultra-efficient airliner concept.
Boom raises $100 million for supersonic commercial airliner 
Startup Boom Supersonic has closed a $100 million Series B investment round to finance continued work on its Mach 2.2 commercial airliner—now called the Overture.
Japan startup Euglena opens first biojet refinery 
Japanese startup Euglena has completed construction of the country’s first demonstration plant for producing renewable jet and diesel fuel. The refinery in Tsurumi, Yokohama, is to begin operation in spring 2019.
Bombardier CRJ family
Bombardier forecasts CRJ profitability in 2020 
Bombardier expects its commercial aircraft unit to become profitable in 2020 relying solely on CRJ production after the sale of the Q400 program next year.
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