[EDITOR's NOTE: Norwegian corrected its seat width from 16.8 inches to 17.2 inches in an e-mail notice June 29]. LCC Norwegian has introduced its first Boeing 737 MAX with a cabin featuring new slimline seats that the airline says are designed for more comfort on longer routes and will give taller passengers more personal space.

Norwegian is installing the new Recaro BL3710C seat on its latest aircraft. The leather seats have 30 inch seat pitch and are 17.2 inches wide. The airline says that the new seats are designed to add space at knee-level. Norwegian claims it is the first airline to install the new seat.

Norwegian has more than 100 Boeing 737 MAX on order and will take delivery of 12 this year. The aircraft operate on the carrier’s transatlantic routes to New York Stewart International and Providence from the UK and Ireland. The 737 MAXs will also replace older Boeing 737-800s on the airline’s short-haul routes. The airline will retrofit its existing fleet of six Boeing 737 MAX aircraft with the new seats.

Each seat weighs around 10kg - 1kg less than the seats they replace, which reduces the weight of the aircraft by more than 200kg overall, improving fuel burn.

The 737 MAX currently services New York Stewart International and Providence airports on the US East Coast.

Alan Dron alandron@adepteditorial.com