Lufthansa Technik has unveiled a new service that aims to cut the costs for airlines that want to refresh their cabins, or to do so on a more frequent basis than before, at a more modest cost.

Called “Lease Your Cabin,” the service brings together financing, seat purchasing and engineering aspects of cabin renewal.

The new leasing concept grew out of Lufthansa Technik’s long-running cabin refurbishment business, its head of product cabin modification/aircraft modification Georg Stoffelen told ATW at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany.

“We met a lot of companies that had cashflow problems, so the high investment in a new cabin was not easy. A second problem is customers who are leasing aircraft and have a short leasing period remaining—say three years—but still want to do something [to improve] the cabin.”

To cut the lead time necessary to source new seating, Lufthansa Technik has partnered with seating manufacturer ZIM Flugsitz.

The company said it can create a new cabin in three months, a timescale unachievable through conventional means. The airline pays a lease fee for the seats for the period of the contract and ZIM can customize its standard seat for individual carriers with airline-specific colors or branding.

These seats, Lufthansa Technik said, are lightweight slimline models that can allow an airline to densify its cabin if it wishes to do so, improving revenue generation.

As part of its service, Lufthansa Technik can remove, store and refurbish the aircraft’s original seats and reinstall them at the end of the cabin lease period, in case the terms of the airline’s contract with the aircraft lessor requires this.

Alan Dron