UK air navigation services provider NATS has contracted defense and security company Saab to install a remote tower demonstrator suite at its Swanwick Control Centre to demonstrate the ANSPs capability to provide remote and digital air traffic control service.

Rohde & Schwarz Rohde & Schwarz won a contract from UK air navigation services provider NATS to provide a second voice communications system to enhance resilience for voice-based ATC communications in UK airspace. Rohde & Schwarz also got a contract from Finavia to modernize its civil ATC ground radio communications system. This will include a country-wide project transitioning from analogue radio to digital Voice over Internet Protocol.

Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic appointed SITAONAIR to deliver a “communication gateway” at Prague Airport. SITAONAIR will support air-ground data link applications at the airport through its Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System network, with the plan to extend this capability to other Czech airports in the future.

Myanmar’s Department of Civil Aviation completed site acceptance of the Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) system supplied by Germany’s Comsoft Solutions, a member of the Frequentis Group. The project consisted of a complete AIM solution to consistently manage all aeronautical information, and the final step will be to go operational with data driven Aeronautical charting based on the geographic information system based on the SmartCharting tool from Frequentis.

Vienna Airport signed a three-year cooperation agreement with Frequentis to develop a video-based smartVISION apron overview system to increase efficiency at the airport and enhance operational safety. The systems and knowledge developed by the partnership will be used for future research projects advancing the virtual tower concept.

The air navigation service providers (ANSPs) of Lithuania (Oro Navigacija) and Poland (PANSA) have joined the interoperability Through European Collaboration (iTEC) project to develop a next-generation flight data processing system and controller working position. Oro Navigacija and PANSA signed a system group agreement with the project’s German (DFS) and Dutch (LVNL) members as well as system provider Indra. Norway’s Avinor joined the iTEC alliance in 2016 through a system group agreement with UK ANSP NATS.

UK air navigation services provider NATS signed a letter of intent (LOI) with its Japanese counterpart, Japan Air Navigation Service (JANS), signaling “cooperation on an unprecedented scale.” The LOI follows on from previous agreements, and provides a more formal vehicle for both NATS and JANS to examine the efficiency and safety of Japan’s air navigation.